Drinking natural nutrients developed by a professional doctor

Giving our body and mind a healthy space



Irregular living habits and excessive eating habits constantly accumulate fatigue in our body.

Anxious mind pouring out nutritional supplements, wondering if I should take care of it like everyone else.

We will clean your body and mind and fill it with true health.


Prescribed by nature


Fam Doctor is a 100% natural juice, but it is effective like a nutritional supplement, and it is classified by function, so you can choose it like a nutritional supplement according to your health concerns.

As a health functional food certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, it is a new type of Fam Doctor juice nutritional supplement that adds various flavors of nature and adds safety by eliminating synthetic additives.


Fam Health Checkup

After checking the health condition of consumers based on AI artificial intelligence,
it provides a healthcare solution that can manage customized health with Fam Doctor products.



The Fam Doctor R&D group combines medicine with natural food to develop nutritional supplements with raw materials from nature. We strive to contribute to safe and sustainable health.

In addition, through joint research with domestic research institutes on digital solutions that can manage health according to individual health conditions, active R&D investment and network formation, we have significant in-house research competitiveness, health functional food, functional Medifood, and customized digital healthcare. We focus on various research and development fields that will be the future growth engines of Fam Doctor.

* Fam Doctor carried out about 40 national projects, including technology development projects in the second year of founding


Healthy Journey
with Nature

Other companies' customized nutritional supplement recommendation services focus only on customization, but our Fam Doctor maximizes differentiation in the market by having natural-friendly ingredients and elements that allow you to experience the taste of various natural foods.

Equipped with a differentiated point of customized health care as a 100% natural juice nutritional supplement, we will build a unique brand positioning as a primary care physician from nature.


* Amazon Launchpad: Selected as a company recognized for innovation and product quality by 2.9% of global companies

an exporting country

developed by a professional
physician The functional, customized prescription food, Dr. Fam

As a doctor from nature

It's the safest for consumers,
It prescribes functional nature




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